extract from my notes



I love football

Humankind is more sensitive than ever before, why? 

Prince Phillip didn’t seem that bad

Why are people ok with disrespecting the dead? Am I being sensitive? 

I hate loud noises, they don’t let me think. My music stays boomin 

I can’t stand still when I’m waiting for something, I must move 

Good people finish last, or first, depends on where you’ve set your finish line to be I suppose

The less you speak, the more you’ll do (irony)

I like most people. Even those with opinions which don’t align with my own. There’s something to learn from everyone

I said most people. I don’t like narrow minded/intolerant people

If you know nothing about something, do everyone a favour shhhhhhhhh

Recently, I had a discussion with a friend on how to achieve a constant state of peace/contentment in life. I hit him with the cliche “find a balance” line. He made me realise that what I’d said didn’t mean much. It didn’t. He was right. What is it to “find a balance” in life? How do you balance everything? You can’t, sacrifices must be made in some parts of your life. I guess what’s important is to prioritise some things over others (thus creating an imbalance which gives balance?). What’s important to you and why? 

If you’re reading this, I

If you’re reading this, it’s too la 

If you’re reading this, congratulations. You’re alive. You have eyes. You have a brain (probably) (also probably not genius like mine) and a little voice in your head, reading these words (my words, your voice). You are also part of 35% of the world’s population in that you own a smartphone (it knows you better than you know yourself ;)). You’re probably sheltered and have food to eat. A bed to sleep in at night. Clothes and shoes to wear. Freedom (to some extent, s/o hmrc).  Some days you will gain. Some days you will lose. Appreciate today, tomorrow isn’t promised. Gratitude 

Every year I renew my domain name/website with no idea what I want to do with it; cool to have I guess