Numero Uno


It’s been a while since I last published a blog. I never stopped writing; but, in late 2018, just as my blog entries were beginning to flourish, I stopped uploading. My second year of law school had begun and I diverted my creative efforts into that. I was also volunteering at the local Citizens Advice which took up a substantial amount of my time.

To give you an idea of the viewership this blog used to receive, I have attached a short statistical slideshow below. It really was incredible to see my blog entries being read all over the world (shout-out to that one person in Guam reading my blogs, I still have no idea where your country is, by the way).

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What can you expect to find on my website going forward? You will read about personal, thought-provoking experiences I have had (I have not decided on a name for this series yet). Also, you’ll receive my views and opinions on a range of matters/topical issues (I will call this series ‘The Way I See It’). I might even upload some rhymes/poetry that I have wrote (The ‘Freestyle’ series)…

A key contribution to the blog’s previous success was the style of writing. The blogs were personal, conversational and relatable. I feel as though I am versatile enough to vary my writing style and future entries will differ depending on the topic. There are two characteristics of my blog that will remain present in every blog as they have done since the beginning. These are (1) the ‘Stream of Thought’ element and (2) the ciphers. Let me explain…

(1) Everything you have read so far and will read comes from my “stream of thought”. When I have an idea/thought, I begin to build on it and apply structure to that thought, that is just how my brain functions. Everything you will read on this website is exactly that. Think about the idea/thought as a firework and my inquisitive nature as the lighter needed for the spark. The blog itself can be the explosion. That one little idea gets the spark it needs and explodes into a hundred different ideas. When I started writing this exact piece which you are reading right now, I had no idea that I would end up creating three different series of blogs, that I would insert a slideshow or (2) that I would reveal the cipher element of the blogs. The ciphers are there for you to discover and decipher. They wont require much effort and it just makes writing more enjoyable for me.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, I find myself with more free time than I am used to. In other words, I have no reason to not write blogs. The purpose of this blog was to act as a sufficient update. I hope you enjoy reading the blogs to follow and are keeping safe.